The Eloquent Delinquents

A new gallery mixing first edition books, pop memorabilia, cultural relics, and contemporary artworks.

The gallery aims to stock items by artists, authors, photographers, designers, and musicians, who have through their works captured the voices of a generation and in doing so have provided hope and inspiration for others, as well as redefining the boundaries of their arts. 

John Lennon seeking peace, the Sex Pistols anarchy, Jack Kerouac the road, William Burroughs oblivion, Banksy a blank wall, Seen a subway car. 

The gallery through their stock hope to document the important changes that the artists above and others like them have orchestrated in art, fashion, music and literature.

Opening highlights from stock include; John Lennon: A complete Bag One portfolio. William Burroughs: A signed first edition of Junkie. Jack Kerouac: An uncorrected proof copy of the first Swedish edition of On The Road. Sex Pistols: The last papers signed by the band just one day before their split Banksy: Gallery Attendant, one of the largest street pieces to be offered for sale. Seen: A hand-painted life size resin cow.